Pineapple Juice And Wisdom Tooth Pain: Does It Actually Help?

Getting a tooth extracted is bad enough, but when it’s a wisdom tooth, you can expect some rather uncomfortable days ahead.

So, you might be looking into ways to make your recovery faster and a lot more pleasant. If you’ve been researching tips online, then you’ve likely found countless videos and articles from people swearing that pineapple juice is an amazing aid in healing after wisdom tooth extraction.

But should you be skeptical? Or should you run to your nearest supermarket? 

Here’s the answer: 

Pineapple and Pain: What’s the Deal?

Pineapple does have some pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Or, more specifically, a compound found in pineapple does.

Bromelain is an enzyme that, when put to the test, was found to help people experience less inflammation and pain sensations following several procedures.

One small study even specifically tested for pain after wisdom tooth extraction and found that of all 40 participants, 70% felt better after taking bromelain.

How to Interpret These Findings

There are a few different caveats to consider here.

First, bromelain may be effective in lowering pain and inflammation, but its effects are not as strong as those of medication formulated for these purposes.

Even in the small study mentioned above, participants took antibiotics along with the bromelain, which may have also contributed to their relief.

Moreover, bromelain and pineapple are not the same thing. In studies, participants took bromelain supplements of around 200 mg. You’d have to eat a lot of pineapples to get as much bromelain from it.

Should You Give This Hack a Shot?

Drinking pineapple juice in large quantities is not a good idea since it can lead to nausea and other stomach issues.

But pineapple juice is also filled with sugars, which are notoriously not beneficial for your teeth. 

Bacteria love it, and drinking it in high doses without rinsing the mouth right away can increase your risk for cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

It might not hurt to supplement your post-extraction recovery with some glasses of pineapple juice, but you’ll likely experience a lot more relief with these tried and tested methods:

  • Taking OTC pain medications like Ibuprofen
  • Putting a cold compress on your cheek to reduce swelling
  • Rinse the mouth with saline water
  • Continue to brush your teeth, but skip brushing over the extraction site

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