Is Wisdom Tooth Removal an Emergency?

Wisdom teeth played an important role for most of our human existence. They helped us grind down plants, tough meats, and nuts. But as our diet evolved and our jaws got smaller, the need for this set of molars disappeared. 

Nowadays, wisdom teeth cause more trouble than good. They can be painful, affect the adjacent teeth, and create a lot of discomfort. But, is their removal considered a dental emergency

Here's what you need to know. 

Why Wisdom Teeth Can Be Problematic 

Often, there's not enough space in the mouth for wisdom teeth to emerge properly. They can become trapped or "impacted" in the jawbone or gums, causing pain and swelling.

If they do have room to emerge, they often grow at an angle, pushing against the neighboring teeth and causing them to shift. This can lead to misalignments and crooked teeth. 

Wisdom teeth can also affect your oral health. Because they sit at the very back of your mouth and are harder to clean properly, they are more likely to get cavities. 

So, Is It An Emergency?

In most cases, wisdom teeth don't need emergency removal. Your dentist may recommend extraction during your regular check-up so that you can avoid potential problems in the future. If they are aligned, fully erupted, and not causing any problems, your dentist might also decide on a "wait and monitor" approach.

However, there are a few signs that could indicate the need for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Rock Hill

  • Severe Pain: If the pain is so severe that it's becoming difficult to eat, open your mouth, or go about your regular day, get in touch with your dentist ASAP. 
  • Signs of Infection: If the pain is also accompanied by fever, difficulty swallowing, swelling, and a foul smell from your mouth, it could indicate an infection that needs to be treated immediately. 
  • Cysts: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause cysts in the jawbone. If left untreated, these cysts can affect the surrounding bone and tissue. 

What Will Happen During an Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal 

First, the dentist will take X-rays to assess the extent of the damage and the condition of the tooth. They need to see how closely it sits to other nerves and tissue and plan the removal accordingly. 

Next, the dentist will numb the area so that you don't feel any pain. If you are extremely anxious about the procedure, they may also use sedation like laughing gas to help you calm down. 

Once the anesthesia kicks in, they will remove the tooth from its socket and ask you to bite on a piece of gauze. This will help control the bleeding and help with the formation of the blood clot. 

Once the extraction is completed, the dentist will give you a list of instructions that you need to follow to ensure a quick and successful recovery. 

Do You Need Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal in Rock Hill, SC? 

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